PTO October Meeting Agenda

We hope you can join us for the October PTO general meeting, which is Thursday, October 6. As always, free childcare is provided in the Community Room.

Irving School PTO
Agenda for Monthly Meeting
October 6, 2011
Irving Media Center/Library

  1. Welcome
  2. Summary of general PTO efforts (5 minutes)
  3. Status of Eagle Extras after-school programs for next session (10 minutes)
  4. Discussion of potential new fundraisers (may include Fun Run, Spelling Bee, pizza sales) (10 minutes)
  5. Committee Reports: (10 minutes each)
    1. Status of Fun Fair planning
    2. Review of Parent Outreach Committee activities
    3. Committee chair needed for Silent Auction
    4. Other committee reports
  6. Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes)
  7. Principal’s Report (30 minutes)
    1. Review of recent test scores, AYP and the School Improvement Plan
  8. All other business

(Note: Teacher’s Reports will be presented every other month: September, November, January, March, May.)

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