Update from D97 on 8/1/11

Welcome to the District 97 community listerv for the 2011-2012 school year. This listserv will be used to disseminate important news and event information from the district and community. If you have questions or need additional information about any of the items listed below, please e-mail d97feedback@op97.org. If you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, please unsubscribe using the link found at the end of this message.

Launch of District 97’s New Web sites
District 97’s redesigned family of Web sites are now live. You can access them by visiting www.op97.org. The sites have several new features, including an upgraded online calendar, searchable staff directory, interactive district map, teacher Web pages and staff intranet site. There is also a brief video tour of the new site, which can be accessed via the first rotating image on the home page of the main district site.

Kindergarten Readiness Screenings
This month, all incoming District 97 kindergarten students will be asked to participate in a Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot screening. Through this screening, we will be able to effectively assess children’s skills and abilities prior to starting kindergarten, and be better equipped and prepared to meet their academic, social and emotional needs during the school year. Please click here for additional information about the screenings, including the dates, times and locations of the screenings for each elementary school.

District 97 Fee Information for the 2011-2012 School Year
Click here to access the District 97 fee information for the 2011-2012 school year, including:

  • Letter from Superintendent Roberts regarding fees
  • Payment options for all 10 schools
  • Middle school fee form
  • Elementary school fee form
  • Early childhood fee form

You can access the free and reduced lunch application by clicking here.

District 97 Digital Backpack
We have made several improvements to our digital backpack, which we implemented in January 2010 in an effort to reduce the amount of paper we use. The Web-based backpack features links and downloadable PDFs containing information from the schools, PTOs, district and community that has been distributed in a hard copy format in previous years. You can access the digital backpack for all 10 schools by visiting http://www.op97.org/digital-backpack/.

Handbooks and Policies
Please click here to access the Effective Student Behavior Handbook and Parent Handbook for the 2011-2012 school year. Please click here to access the policies that were recently adopted by the Board of Education, including the new student discipline and bullying policies.

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