BrainPop Educational Software Available to Families

BrainPop LogoWe’re excited to let families know that all Irving students now have access to an educational software program called BrainPop. It offers students a chance to learn more about various topic areas like Science, Math, Social Studies, Art, etc..

Irving teachers suggested this software as a way PTO funds can enrich what students learn during the class day. It also offers staff teaching tools that align with Common Core and state standards.

You will hear more from your child’s teacher on how BrainPop may be used to complement schoolwork, but now we encourage you go to ahead and use it as often as you would like on your own. Have fun with it!

Here are some ideas for using BrainPop at home. It can be used via a web browser, or downloaded as an app on your mobile device.

Please choose the version of BrainPop that is right for your child. You can use any or all of the 3 different versions, and you can switch anytime.

Generally speaking, if your child is in Grades K-3, use BrainPop Jr. If your child is in Grades 3-5, use BrainPop. If your child wants to use the program in Spanish, use BrainPop Español. Students who can benefit from BrainPop ESL will receive separate login instructions from their teacher.

Everyone shares the same login details, which are the same for each version (except ESL). (These are not case-sensitive.)

Username: IrvingD97
Password: oakpark

We encourage you to use this software in a way that works best for your family.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Hodge.

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