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The World Language Program at Irving School is an introduction to different languages and cultures. In these classes, students will learn basic communication vocabulary. The relaxed class environment will help students overcome their apprehension to speak a foreign language. Language skills will grow over years of instruction.

World Languages are sponsored by the PTO, endorsed by the School Board, and encouraged by the staff and principal of Irving School. WLP is completely independent, funded solely by tuition paid by families of participating children.

WLP will run for 12 weeks from January 13, 2020 through April 17, 2020. The fee for WLP will be $130 for one child, $240 for 2 children or 2 languages. Scholarships are available.

Register online  here. Payments collected on our Square Site here. 

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WLP Instructor Bios 2020

Available Language Classes!


Amer. Sign Lang. (ASL) Stephanie Hartman Mondays 2/3; Thursdays 4/5

*Note: Changed from Flier: German Lauren VanderBerg Tuesdays K-2; Wednesdays 3-5

Mandarin Chinese Paul Chen Mondays K/1; Fridays 2-5

After School

Amer. Sign Lang. (ASL) Melissa de Jesus-Vasquez Tuesdays K/1

Greek Maria Tsagaris Mondays K-5

Spanish Senoras Nieto and Zaragoza Mondays K-5

French Kimberly Plaxton  Tuesdays K-5

We do have a registration minimum and some classes may not run if the number is not met.  All classes will meet for an hour once a week (after school classes will start approx. 5-10 minutes after dismissal). *Depending on enrollment, some languages may not be available for all grades.