Academic Fair and Egg Drop

Calling all curious kids and Humpty Dumpty heroes…

Are you ready for the Academic Fair and Egg Drop?

The 2017 Academic Fair and Egg-Drop Contest will be held on Wednesday, October 18th.

The evening portion of the Academic Fair will be from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the gym. Families are welcome to come by and see all the wonderful projects and presentations at any time during that hour.

The Egg Drop will be held during the school day on on Wednesday, October 18th at 12:45 on the blacktop. Students will be sitting by homeroom, but families are welcome to come and watch the event! Don’t forget your camera!

The Academic Fair is like a science fair, because students complete projects and present them at the Fair. However, it’s open to more subjects, including history, health, engineering, literature, architecture, geography, science, and more. To complete a project, children must come up with a question about a favorite topic, figure out a way to answer that question, and then present what they’ve learned.

Can you figure out how to drop an egg from a three-story window without letting it crack? Then why not design an egg-drop vehicle and try it out at this year’s Egg-Drop Contest? We will stage the egg drop right after lunch on the day of the Academic Fair and then display the egg-drop vehicles in the evening during the Fair.

Both events are open to Irving School students in all grades, kindergarten through fifth. To participate in this year’s Academic Fair or the Egg-Drop Contest – or both – please fill out the registration form.

To register, please fill out the Academic Fair and Egg Drop Registration Form.

If you have questions, or need any accommodations, please contact Emilie Creehan at